Music on Bonnie Branch

On Saturday, April 9th, 2005...

Christine Havrilla with
Brian Gundersdorf of We're About 9 Opening

Wow. That's what I'm left with after an evening with Christine and Brian: Wow. I have heard both Christine and We're About 9 several times each and have always been impressed. But to have Christine and Brian (one third of We're About 9) both perform in my living room was better than I could have imagined. They were both on that evening. I found myself lost in their music so many times. The rich vocals, the fantastic guitar playing and the stories; not just the between-the-songs stories, but also the stories the songs themselves told. These are two of the very finest Indie musicians I have ever heard.

Brian opened the show with a single long set. We're About 9 is a contemporary folk group with soaring harmonies and engrossing storytelling. Brian is very much a part of the group even when he performs solo. He has the voice and the talent to do it all alone. Visit the We're About 9 website and find out where they're performing next!

Christine, hailing from Philadelphia, gave us an evening of her own self-described "NEOFUNKADELICFOLKTWANGPOPROCK" music, including music to released in June on her upcoming CD, Ruby Red. The reason I wanted to host Christine from the first time I heard her was because she is such an all-around musician. She sings, she writes and she plays. Whether she's drawing you into the pictures her songs paint or carrying you away with her guitar playing, she cannot fail to impress. I could not have been happier with her performance.

And the nicest treat of the evening is when Christine and Brian came together to play a duet encore, Heart of Gold. They never played together before but we couldn't tell. Just more proof of the musical talent these two outstanding performers bring with them to every show. Thank You both so much!

At my previous show I was a little lax with the picture taking. Well, I made up for it this time. Enjoy!


Brian chillin' after his set.


Christine chatting between songs

Christine playing


Brian and Christine playing an encore

Brian and Christine playing an encore

Brian and Christine

Brian and Christine after the show

Brian and Christine

OK, I should've waited until he
swallowed to snap the picture


Greg did a little recording for me

Cassandra and Libby

Cassandra and Libby ham it up

  Brian, Ryan and Christine

Together with Brian and Christine.

Brian playing Brian playing

Brian, live on Bonnie Branch

Christine playing Christine playing Christine playing

Christine enthralls the house

Brian and Christine playing an encore

Neil Young couldn't have done Heart of Gold better!

Brian and Mike

Brian and Mike pose for the camera

Crowd shot

Mom and Dad Gundersdorf with Rob in the back

Crowd shot

Taking a break for some wine and food

Crowd shot

The Christine crowd:
Dawn, Jennifer, Larry and Jen

Crowd shot

Roxy and Liz

Crowd shot

Tim and Dan not particularly happy to be photographed

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