Music on Bonnie Branch

On Saturday, October 23rd, 2004...

Kyler England

I had such a great first house concert back in April, I wanted to make sure lightening had a chance to strike twice. Well, it did. And how! Kyler England performed for my second show and she was fantastic. Maybe I should quit hosting these shows because I worry I won't be able to maintain the quality.

Kyler has a wonderfully expressive, breathy, sultry voice and the songwriting ability to put her voice to the test. She performed mostly her own material but did throw in a couple covers. She played two sets, which made for a full evening. And the comments afterwards were all glowing. Everyone attending was impressed.

And better yet, she was great fun to talk to. She gave background stories about most of her songs and answered all the questions we put to her. She is clearly at ease in front of people both singing and speaking. It all helped make the evening even more fun.

Thanks Kyler! And thanks everyone who attended! And special thanks to those of you who brought food or drinks. No one was left wanting. It was a great evening and I hope you can join me for all my future concerts.

I hope you enjoy the pictures on this page. And for more information on Kyler, especially her tour schedule, please visit her website at


Kyler and Ryan
Kyler made this boy one Happy Host

Mark and Kirsten
Kyler's gradeschool friend Kirsten and her husband Mark

Sarah and Evan
Bonnie Branch neighbors Sarah and Evan

Dan and Carolyn
Fellow NASA Space Cadet Dan and my favorite Lawyer, Carolyn

Kyler shows she has a silly side


Waiting to begin
People are mixing while waiting for Kyler to begin the show

Kyler playing her guitar
Kyler performing in my living room

Kyler singing
Kyler doing what she does best: sing her heart out

Jennifer, Wayne and Kyler
Kyler takes a break and chats with Jennifer and Wayne

Alexia, Steve and Leslie
Even more Space Cadets (we're everywhere!): Alexia, Steve and Leslie

Wayne and Kyler
Wayne and Kyler having a drink during the break

Kyler, Ryan and Carolyn
Kyler posing for a shot with me and Carolyn

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