Music on Bonnie Branch

On Sunday, October 2nd, 2005...

Sam Shaber & Teddy Goldstein
with Kathi Kowski Opening

Kathi performed a great opening set. She told us before the show that she had never performed without a mic before. She didn't need to worry, she sounded great. I'm looking forward to her solo CD release some time next year. Visit her website and get on her mailing list if you'd like to find out where she's playing next. You'll also be able to find out when she plans on releasing her upcoming CD.

As for Sam and Teddy, Wow! I knew it would be a good show, but they delivered beyond my wildest expectations. Being my first time hearing Teddy live, I am now an official fan. And you should be too. Get to his website right away and get on his mailing list so you can see him the next time he's in town. His talents cover the spectrum from songwriting, to singing to guitar and harmonica. And he did a fantastic job working with Sam during the evening.

I've seen Sam a couple times already and I was duly impressed already. Now after seeing her perform side-by-side with Teddy, I know there's talent there far beyond what a solo show can deliver. Makes me want to catch her with her band some day soon. Sam and Teddy worked together like two old friends ... which they are. They hadn't played together in quite a while they said, but we couldn't tell.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the show. We had the best house yet for a Concert on Bonnie Branch. We also had some great food for a Sunday evening potluck. Thanks again everyone!

Helen and Charlie
Helen and Charlie enjoy a beautiful evening before the concert.

Kathi playing
Kathi during her opening act.

Teddy playing
Teddy strumming away.

Sam playing looking at the camera
Sam never stopped dancing while she was playing.

Teddy playing while standing
Teddy performing one of the evening's last songs.

Kathi and Ryan posing
Kathi take a second for a photo with a very happy host.


Kathi, Teddy, Ryan and Sam
Kathi Kowski, Teddy Goldstein, Ryan and Sam Shaber

Carolyn, Monica and Greg
Carolyn, Monica (the birthday girl!) and her husband Greg.

Lisa, Teddy, Sam and Katie
Lisa, Teddy, Sam and Katie enjoy something to eat before the show.

Kathi playing
Kathi warming up the crowd. She did a great job.

Sam and Teddy playing
Sam and Teddy working together on a song during their first set.

Sam and Teddy playing
Sam and Teddy show in this photo (using no flash) that they are in constand motion when they play.

Helen, Carolyn and Tammy
Helen, Carolyn and Tammy during the intermission.

Kathi and Mike
Kathi and Mike getting something to eat during the break.

Crowd shot
Everyone is completely drawn into Sam and Teddy's performance.

Sam and Teddy playing
Teddy brings out his harmonica, or "harp" as musicians call it, to accompany Sam.

Sam sits while Teddy plays
Looks like Teddy seranading Sam during one of his songs.

Sam sitting while Teddy plays
I love this shot of Sam sitting and listening to Teddy play. This captures the ambience of the evening.

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