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On Saturday, January 20th, 2007...

Jen & Scott Smith - Naked Blue

Jen & Scott fill the house without even trying

On Saturday, January 20, 2007, Jen and Scott Smith, better known as Naked Blue, stopped by Bonnie Branch to kick off 2007 and the second half of Season 3.

As expected, we had a full house. Scott and Jen are pretty popular in these parts, so filling up 28 (out of 25!) seats wasn't too difficult. They're coming off a bit of a vacation from performing and it was fun to host one of their shows as they ease back into a full touring schedule. I like to book local musicians during the winter months just in case we get a blizzard (see February of last 2006). Well, thanks to Global Warming, I didn't have to worry about that this year.

Naked Blue performed two complete sets during the evening, filled with their fantastic music and their warm and funny stories. I think they played songs from every album they've recorded as well as a special cover song or two. We learned how they met, fell in love, and ended up as Naked Blue ... even though we're still not sure where the name "Naked Blue" came from. (I guess that's a trade secret that'll have to wait for some time in the future.) Anyway, Jen, with her "honey-smoked voice" and Scott with his magic guitar fingers, gave us a wonderful night of music to remember. If you couldn't make it to Bonnie Branch to hear them, then make sure you find them when they play in your neighborhood.

I don't think Jen & Scott will mind me sharing their response to my Thank You message to them after the show:
"Thank YOU for opening up your home to us! We had a great time, and love the 'vibe' of your series. We were talking on the way home how some house concerts can be a little stuffy and uptight, but yours was so unlike that, and one of the best ones we've done. You've got a great relaxed attitude about it and your guests were very friendly and appreciative. Thanks again for having us..." Scott and Jen are genuniely warm and kind people. It was an absolute pleasure to have them perform on Bonnie Branch and I'm pretty sure they'll be back at some point in the future.

Did you catch the bold part in their message. Well, that emphasis was mine. It was so nice of Jen & Scott to notice the same thing I already know: I have the best house concert guests! So here's a special Thank You to all of you! You make these house concerts the best.

To find out where Naked Blue is playing next, visit them at


Hmmm, was Jen doing the Chicken Dance?


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Jen, Ryan & Scott

Jen & Scott Smith, better known as Naked Blue


Everyone's enjoying a great show!

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