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Reserve NOW for Krista Detor - March 22, 2014!

On March 22, 2014 join us for the 10th anniversary Concert on Bonnie Branch
Krista Detor with David Weber

Three times in the history of Concerts on Bonnie Branch has Krista Detor performed for us. That, together with the fact that Krista is one of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters, and there really was little choice but to ask Krista to come perform at the 10th Anniversary Concert on Bonnie Branch. It's hard to believe that back in the spring of 2004 the first people came to hear music in my little living room. Many things have changed since then. I hope you can come hear Krista and join me in celebrating ten years of music on my quiet little Bonnie Branch.

Joining Krista is bassist Steve Mascari and her long-time partner on guitar, David Weber, who conveniently happens to be her husband and chauffeur. (Although David's had a bit of a knee injury recently so he may not be doing much driving. But we'll see.) David's been to Bonnie Branch every time with Krista. He's "Yang" to Krista's "Yin," the "Dog" to Krista's "Hot" and the "Deal" to Krista's "Real." We're working on getting a local percussionist to support them, but at press time it's not a done deal. I'll put out an update as soon as I know.

If you're really not familiar with Krista's music, it can be difficult to classify. Part Americana, part jazz, part pop, part rock, part comedy, part poetry, 100% fantastic. Krista can and does write music about anything: Witchcraft (Waterline), theft (Steal Me A Car), Charles Darwin (From Miss Emma Brawley), still life (A Red Bowl), being poor (A Rich Man's Life), and much, much more. More important to me personally is that Krista's voice and talent on the keyboard means she could sing and play the phonebook and I'd listen!

If you're interested in hearing some of Krista's music, why not visit her YouTube page? There are lots of options there. In particular check out Dinner With Chantel.

I'm taking reservations now, so mark March 22nd on your calendar right after you fill out the reservation form! Let's fill this house for what may well be the best house concert of 2014!


Flat Earth Diary album cover Krista will be selling her newest CD Flat Earth Diary as well as her book Flat Earth Diary - Notes From The Bridge at this concert. If you can't wait until March to get them, then you can purchase either or both directly from Krista's website. You can also buy the sheet music or download the album from iTunes.

The Diary itself is a wonderful, witty, Krista-esque collection of happenings, musings, lyrics, sheet music, and explanations of why Flat Earth Diary even exists. For me, it's not been a linear book to read. It's been a mood. Maybe for you too. "The world is flat/ everyone knows/ who are you to say?/ I've seen the edge/ where the water goes/ tumbling into space/ spiinning off and away" I look forward to the day when "A Little Misty" is finally recorded.

Make your reservation now for Krista Detor

Details for the show:

  • Saturday, March 22, 2014
  • Doors will open 6:30 p.m., show starts 7:30 p.m.
  • Requested donation is $20-$25 per person - 100% goes to the musicians
  • Bring extra $$$ for CDs & Krista's book
  • Some drinks will be provided, bring your own favorite if you prefer
  • Bring an hors d'oeuvre or finger food to share if you'd like
  • Directions sent out a few days before the show to people with reservations

To reserve a seat, click here. A popup window will open.

Or send a request to .

Krista Detor at her keyboard with David Weber in the background

Concert Host

Ryan Simmons
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Ellicott City, Maryland

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