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The Final Note on Bonnie Branch - possibly
Cindy Alexander


Well, so much for house-concert-hosting retirement! A bit over a year ago I called it quits. But then, Cindy Alexander decided to do an East Coast tour. I couldn't stay retired for very long! I LOVE Cindy's music! I have for YEARS!

Let me first say (forgive me Cindy!), if you want to reduce your degree of separation from Kevin Bacon to 1, then you need to come meet Cindy! She knows him personally. She opened for the Bacon Brothers many times over the years. One Degree of Separation awaits you right here, on Bonnie Branch! Seriously!

OK, enough of the silliness... I have no idea when I first stumbled across Cindy's music. Fifteen years ago? Her first album, See Red, was released in 1999 (nominated for Los Angeles Music Award’s Independent Pop Album of the Year). I know I had it before her second album, SMASH, was released in 2003 (nominated for L.A. Music Award’s Album of the Year!). And I was eagerly awaiting SMASH when it was released. I was hooked on Cindy's music from the start.

Cindy is a true singer/songwriter. But she's also a rocker! She has energy. She has passion. She has insight. And she has melancholy. She knows pain. Most of all, she knows Love. She has experiences that most people do not have. A mother of twins, a breast cancer survivor, a musician who fights the angels and demons in her head by writing music about them. (Her 2005 album Angels & Demons won L.A. Music Awards' Independent Pop Album of the Year in 2006.) She has taken these experiences and more and turned them into music that is accessible to all.


Awards, praise, and outstanding reviews followed Cindy as she continued recording, performing, and touring. In fact, in 2006 she won NBC/David Foster’s Star Tomorrow. This gave her the opportunity of a major record label deal... which she declined. She wanted to stay independent! But she did get a great tour deal out of it around the Pacific Rim entertaining American troops. Her 2007 release, Wobble The World, even included a song called Soldier Song dedicated to the U.S. Troops. The growth in her music has been amazing over the years. I can't wait to see what her next release is.

I met Cindy a few years ago when she was in Baltimore. She had opened for America at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. Wow! As I said before, she's a rocker. But she's a great person. We chatted a bit after the show. At that point the idea of hosting her really wasn't on my radar. She's opening for America and the Bacon Brothers! She's got better things to do! But ultimately, the fact that Cindy wants to stay independent, the fact that she's lived through some rough times, the fact that she wants to play house concerts, these all go to prove that she's a very special musician. Integrating her music into her life is most important.

Needless to say, Cindy is NOT your average singer/songwriter. I am so happy she will be performing on Bonnie Branch. I really hope you can come out to the show.

This is a Wednesday night show while Cindy tours on the East Coast. Please make an effort to come to the show and support her! —Ryan

Make your reservation now for Cindy Alexander

Details for the show:

  • Wednesday, April 27, 2016
  • Doors will open 7:00 p.m., show starts 8:00 p.m.
  • Requested donation is $20 per person - 100% goes to the musicians
  • Bring extra $$$ for CDs
  • Some drinks will be provided, bring your own favorite if you prefer
  • Bring an hors d'oeuvre or finger food to share if you'd like
  • Directions sent out a few days before the show to people with reservations

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Cindy Alexander CD cover for An American Girl

Concert Host

Ryan Simmons
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Ellicott City, Maryland

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