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The Final Note on Bonnie Branch - possibly
Dan Samuels, Steve Mascari, Ryan hitting a final note on Krista's keyboard, Krista Detor and David Weber


Ten years of Concerts on Bonnie Branchwas a pretty good run, don't you think? I (we!) hosted some great musicians during that run. Bob Sima, Beaucoup Blue, David Glaser, Joy Ike, Naked Blue, ellen cherry, Kyler England, Laura Tsaggaris, Christine Havrilla ... Wow! That's just naming a few of my closest musician friends! The full list goes on and on. Just look down at the bottom of this page for the entire ten-year lineup. I've loved every minute of every concert I've hosted.

Special appreciation goes out to Amy Speace, who started the whole thing off for me in 2004 then returned a couple more times; to Jen Chapin who was my first show after the death of my beloved wife Carolyn; to Sahffi, whose music and friendship helped me get through my grief; and to Krista Detor, who appeared several times and was my Tenth Anniversary show guest. These musicians will always have a very special place in my heart.

I have special memories of my Dear Carolyn and how she wasn't so sure about this whole house concert thing. "In your house?!" But yet she did love the music as much as I did once it started. She was a big supporter over the first few years. She loved all the musicians, but she had a special fondness for Jen Chapin, possibly because we helped Jen and her band get a house concert gig in Scotland when Carolyn and I got married there in 2008. Yes, I've hosted shows on both sides of the Pond! So after Carolyn passed away in 2010, I knew it had to be Jen performing at my first show when I restarted. It was fantastic.


When my Tenth Anniversary was approaching, I already had an inkling that it might be time to retire. I knew exactly whom I wanted to host for (what most likely will be) my last show. Krista Detor and Dave Weber have been friends for a long time, since the first time I met them back at the Westside Cafe up in Frederick, Maryland, and since Carolyn and I hosted them as an opening act in 2005, just because they were in the area. So, who better to have end my run than great friends?

I also have to include Shel in my doling out of appreciation. She wasn't so sure about these house concerts either. When I took her to her first show, I assured her it wasn't a "meat market." Of course, she was promptly hit upon that evening. I am so lucky she forgave me. She has since been a huge supporter of my concert hosting. She loves my music friends as much as I do. (Thanks Shel!)

So to you, my friends and my fellow music lovers, I thank you with all my heart for supporting me and for supporting the musicians who have come to Bonnie Branch to share their talent, their art, their hearts and souls. We made a difference in many people's lives. I urge you to continue to support independent musicians and other artists everywhere, whenever you can.

Thank You! Ryan

January 2015
P.S. On the off chance that I do host another show, I hope you'll be able to join me! Never say never...

Concert Host

Ryan Simmons
Concerts On Bonnie Branch

Ellicott City, Maryland

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Jen Chapin performs on Bonnie Branch with Stephan Crump and Jamie Fox
Jen Chapin, June 2012

Beaucoup Blue performs at Concerts on Bonnie Branch
Beaucoup Blue, March 2008

Bob Sima and Nadine Goellner perform at Concerts on Bonnie Branch
Bob Sima & Nadine Goellner, October 2006