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On Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Concerts on Bonnie Branch

David Glaser & Fran Snyder

Season Six kicked off with a full house for a fantastic pair of musicians, David Glaser and Fran Snyder. Local favorite David came on over from Annapolis while Fran came all the way from Kansas to perform at the season opener. No one was disappointed. We had a full night of music, stories and socializing. They each played short solo sets and then came back together to play in the round for the best part of the show. These two guys had never performed together and I'm glad to say they really hit it off. They backed each other up on most of their songs, and because they're both great musicians, it was as if they had been performing together for years. I have a feeling they'll be getting together again some time. As a host, it's always a great feeling bringing two musicians together for the first time and having it be a spectacular success.

AmericanWay MagazineA special note about this concert: Sean McCormick from AmericanWay magazine, the in-flight magazine of American Airlines, attended this show to take photos for the December 1st edition. That article is online! The article is centered around house concerts in general, Fran and his website. Concerts on Bonnie Branch is mentioned as the location of the photo shoot. You can read the article two ways, either with the DPF file here or through the AmericanWay website.

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    A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out to the show! Carolyn and I can't do these concerts without you. —Ryan

    Beau, the Official Beagle of Concerts on Bonnie Branch

    Fran Snyder starts the show with a short solo set

    David does his own solo set too

    David tells about his custom mandolin

    Helen and Carolyn


    Shelley and Alicia

    Ryan cleans up during the intermission

    Carolyn and Dan

    Smile Gary!

    Fran during the set in the round


    David, Carolyn, Ryan & Fran

    Sean, from AmericanWay magazine does a photo shoot before the show of Fran for their December 1, 2009 issue

    David and Fran warm up before the audience arrives

    A quizzical look

    David performing to a full house

    Lots of great food, as usual

    Charlie and Helen are a bit thirsty

    David and Fran come together for a full set in the round

    "Wait! Wait! My story's funnier!"

    These guys are having too much fun!

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