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What Is A House Concert?

A house concert is pretty much what it sounds like: a concert in someone's home rather than in an auditorium, café or a pub. They're a great way for independent artists to perform their music, meet some new people and even make a little money (or a lot!) to support themselves. And it's a fantastic way for music lovers to hear great musicians without the noise and smoke of some dark and smelly bar. And best of all, you can talk to the musician during the show and ask questions about them and their music. I try to make an evening out of each concert, with conversation, music, old friends and new, and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Why do I host house concerts? To be honest, for selfish reasons. First and foremost, I want to hear some great music in the privacy of my own home and get a chance to talk to the musicians about their art. Next, I also like the idea of supporting independent musicians as they tour. And finally, there's always the thought that maybe one day one of these musicians will make it big and I'll be able to say, "I knew them way back when..." and have the pictures to prove it! So please, come and enjoy a show with me.

Rules of the House:

  • Reservations are required. If I accept your reservation request, that is your invitation to join the performance.
  • These are private—NOT public—events in my home; I reserve the right to refuse giving a reservation to anyone for any reason, and I reserve the right to ask anyone to leave whom I've already let into the house.
    Behave or else!
  • Showing up the day of the concert unannounced would be frowned upon.
    (That is why you won't find the street address on this site.)
  • Likewise, making a reservation and not showing up without cancelling is frowned upon.
    (It may get you removed from my mailing list.)
  • No Smoking. Not even outside. Period. End of discussion.
  • Talking to the musicians between songs is not only allowed, but encouraged.
  • Conversely, talking to each other during the music is not allowed.
  • If you have serious pet allergies, I have a cat. Bring your Claritin.
  • I ask for donations for the musicians. Typically $25 per person. They are just that, donations given on the honor system, 100% of which goes to the musician (unless otherwise noted). I NEVER keep any money for the house.
  • The house is wheelchair accessible! All are welcome!
  • Children over about the age of 10 are welcome if they come to listen to the music. These are adult events because alcohol is served and some of the content may be inappropriate for younsters. Bringing your child who loves music is great! But providing a game to keep them quiet will be frowned upon.
  • Concerts on Bonnie Branch is a LGBT-friendly house. I welcome you and your spouse or partner and your friends.

If you'd like to know more about house concerts in general, one website you can visit is Concerts In Your Home. The site is run by Fran Snyder, a musician and concert host himself.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail to the address on the main page. I'd be happy to talk to you about house concerts. —Ryan

Below are some before-and-after photos of the Great Hall under normal circumstances, and transformed into the Bonnie Branch Concert Hall!

The Great Hall on a typical day
This is the Great Hall as I see it every day (except it's cleaner here!).
It holds maybe 70 people max.

Setting up the Great Hall for a concert
This photo shows my great friends Gussie and Terry helping me set up the Great Hall for a concert.
Musicians Sahffi and Mosno are setting up the stage.

The seats are arranged for a concert
The Great Hall is ready for a show. Here, Jason Love is warming up prior to a performance.

Sahffi and her band perform at Concerts on Bonnie Branch
The show is finally on! Sahffi and Her Band perform in October 2012.
Notice the adjustable track spotlights in the ceiling. They provide
all the light the audience needs to see the performers.