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On Saturday, November 11th, 2006...

Krista Detor and Dave Weber
with Rod Deacy Opening

Krista and Dave Wow Some House Concert Newbies

Hot off a 6-week tour of Europe, Krista Detor and Dave Weber slowed down a bit for a relaxing evening on Bonnie Branch. Rod Deacy, owner extraordinaire of the Westside Cafe in Frederick, Maryland opened the show. I had some old friends show up, some new folks to my series, and I also had some folks who had never been to a house concert before and didn't know what to expect. Based on the feedback I've received, these new folks were impressed and will be back in the future because we all had a blast! Oh, and the music was pretty good too!

Rod opened the show for us. He brought with him three guitars for his six-song opening set. Rod's quite the accomplished songwriter, having released some albums years ago that are unfortunately out of print and only on vinyl. I've gotten to know Rod quite well over the past year or so because I spend a lot of time at the Westside Cafe. So it was an honor and lots of fun having Rod open for Krista. Besides, it was at the Westside that I first learned about Krista. So who better to open for her.

Krista and Dave did were the featured act of the evening. Rather than me trying to write about Krista and Dave for you, I'll let a couple satisfied first-time attendees do it for me...

"[My husband] and I had a marvelous time at the concert last evening in your home. We both feel that the whole experience was extraordinarily rich with all the entertainment and fine company. Krista's lyric poetry is a rare treat and Dave was perfect accompaniment. We definitely plan to return for future engagements..." --Jan

"Just wanted to send a couple million thanks for opening your home to all we nondescript music lovers to benefit the artists....but which benefits the audience far more! I am positively thrilled to have had this phenomenal opportunity to meet Krista and "discover" her incredible talent! Her vocals are too glorious to even try to apply an ordinary adjective, and her gifted songwriting blew me away just as much! And I don't want to take anything away from Dave! I thoroughly enjoyed his guitar accompaniment and harmonizing, and he's quite a charmer, to boot!

"It boggles the mind that such a profoundly talented singer/songwriter/musician could be without a label and PR firm seeing to it that she is HEARD by as many folks as possible. In my humble opinion, Krista is far superior to any of the popular performers I can think of, many of whom hurt my ears, and yet THEY have labels and PR." --Willa

And Willa didn't stop there. The next day she wrote again...

"I'm still immersing myself in Krista's haunting vocals, incredibly creative lyrics, and piano playing and Dave's accompaniment. While I fear being "repetitiously redundant," I just can't tell you enough how thrilled I am to have been introduced to this music, not to mention the pleasure of meeting Krista and Dave in person. They are truly a charming pair!" --Willa

So, I think Jan and Willa did a much better job of describing what a wonderful evening it was than I could have done. Thanks everyone for coming out to the show! And of course, a special thanks to Krista, Dave and Rod for making the evening a complete success!

Visit Krista & Dave at and on
and you can find Rod working hard to bring you great Indie music at the Westside Cafe up in Frederick.


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