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On Saturday, October 25th, 2008
Concerts on Bonnie Branch
With the Cooperation of the Howard County Historical Society

Markeisha Ensley and Tony Gallo

The attendance was light, the weather was wet and dreary, but the concert was probably one of the best that Concerts on Bonnie Branch has ever hosted. In fact, the two concerts we've hosted with the cooperation of the Howard County Historical Society at their museum have been spectacular.

Markeisha Ensley and Tony Gallo both gave outstanding performances. Markeisha's powerful voice climbed to the rafters while Tony's keen sense of performance and great vocals really kept things lively. And both Markeisha and Tony brought with them some excellent backup musicians. Scott Thomas Ferreira (acoustic guitar) accompanied Markeisha while Ben Hillman (keyboard & percussion) and Luke Conlin (bass) joined Tony. All three are fantastic jazz performers who obviously had a great time.

A very special Thank You goes out to the Howard County Historical Society for the use of their museum, in particular to Shelley, Hank and Karen for all their help with the show. And also, a huge Thanks to Rico for providing the sound system for the evening! And as always, thanks Greg for the recording and general assistance.

Markeisha Ensley with Scott Thomas F.

Tony Gallo


Ben Hillman

Luke Conlin

Rico did a great job at the sound board

Greg chillin' between songs


Luke, Ben, Tony, Ryan, Markeisha & Scott

Markeisha takes the first set

Ben sits in on percussion

Tony takes the second set

Markeisha give Tony a little vocal support

A small turnout, but a great show

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