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On Sunday, December 14th, 2008
Concerts on Bonnie Branch

Bryan Rowe and Friends,
Featuring Phil Munds and Ken Goldstein

  • Bryan Rowe - Piano
  • Phil Munds - French horn
  • Ken Goldstein - violin

    For the Season Five Classical Concert we were treated to an outstanding evening of music by three of the finest musicians Baltimore has to offer. Bryan Rowe, a master at the piano and organ, teamed up with two friends of his who just happen to be members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Phil Munds on French horn and Ken Goldstein with his 18th century violin. They performed original music by Bryan, several popular classical pieces, as well as several holiday songs. This show was held at Bryan's home so he could play on his very own Schimmel grand piano. The three played to a packed house that was literally standing room only.

    Bryan, Phil and Ken are currently recording a CD to be released early in 2009 entitled, Thin Space. The phrase "Thin space" comes from the Celtic spiritual tradition. It refers to a place, or state, in which there is only the thinnest of veils between oneself and and the Divine.

    You can hear Phil and Ken perform whenever the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performs.

  • You can find Bryan online at
  • Bryan and Phil's previous collaboration, Spiorad, can be found at

    For those of you who attended the concert, here's the play list for the evening:

    From Thin Space
    - Wedding Suite:
       Procession, Unity, Dance Joyeaux
    - Darkness Cries
    - Who is at my window, who?

    From Spiorad
    - Oxford Wedding:
       I will cherish you

    Music from the "Tree of Life"
    - Lullaby (Geistliches Wiegenlied, Brahms)
    - I saw three ships
    - Bells (Ukranian and English)
    - Suo-gan (Welsh lullaby)
    - Coventry Carol
    - I shall I fitly meet thee?
    - Angels we have heard on high
    - Lark in the Morning/Apples in Winter
    - Greensleeves, Theme and Variations

    - Christmastime is here
    - Linus and Lucy

    Bryan lets his finger fly across the keyboard

    Phil obviously has the crowd mesmerized

    Ken tells the origins of his violin. While it is not a Stradivarius, it was made in the same city, Cremona, Italy

    Merry Christmas!

  • Phil Munds, Bryan Rowe and Ken Goldstein

    Phil Munds, Bryan Rowe and Ken Goldstein

    Bryan introduces his music

    Phil talks about their upcoming CD Thin Space

    Bryan and Phil perform a piece from Spiorad

    Bryan and Ken perform a piece from Thin Space

    All three take a bow at the end of the show

    Too many chocolate choices!

    Kat, Kim, Kathy and Kirk - The Koncert K's!

    Bryan's Schimmel piano...

    ... signed by Nikolaus W. Schimmel himself

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