Bonnie Branch in the winter

On Saturday, February 16th, 2008
Concerts on Bonnie Branch

Kate Klim and Doug Alan Wilcox

When I first decided to pair Kate and Doug together for a show I did it for one simple reason: they're both outstanding singer/songwriters with unique senses of humor and great stories to tell. They didn't let me down. But poor Doug (I have to tease him just a bit!), a couple of Kate's stories left him pretty much speechless trying to figure out how to segue into his next song! Ah, the unknowns in life are always what keep it interesting.

Doug and Kate both played solo sets before the intermission giving us a great taste of their styles and personalities. Doug started the evening off. He's a multi-talented guy bringing both his guitar and djembe with him. He plays percussion with several other local musicians, so he was ready to play along with Kate during their set in-the-round. Doug's getting ready to release a new CD soon, so much of the music he played will be on that upcoming disc. Doug treated us to his brand of contemporary folk with songs like Angel, This Town, and his take on what Buddha's life would be like if he lived in 21st century suburbia with Buddha Drives A Minivan. He also performed a spiritual audience participation song in honor of Black History Month. His guitar playing was clean and crisp, his voice smooth and his songwriting complex but easily accessible.

During Kate's solo set, we got to learn about her new apartment, her new car and and the treasures found in her old car when she cleaned it out, and most important, how she's now on an upswing in her life. Even things like a run-over cell phone aren't enough to get her down. Oh, and she played some music too. She's promoting her current CD Up And Down And Up Again and played quite a bit from it, such as Skin My Knees, Gepetto, I Choose Me. She also played several new songs based on some recent life events that led to her needing an upswing in her life. Kate's sweet voice and keen, often humorous look at life keeps people enterained from start to finish.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the show. I had a large number of not only Bonnie Branch newcomers, but also house concert newcomers. I hope to see all of you back at a future show. Without you, I couldn't do this!


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Ryan, Kate and Doug.

Kate and Doug chat before the show starts

Doug accompanies Kate during one of her songs

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