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On a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon, February 15th, 2009
Concerts on Bonnie Branch

Rob & Bob
Rob Thorworth and Bob Sima perform to a packed house

Rob, Ryan, Carolyn and Bob
Rob & Bob pose with hosts Ryan & Carolyn

Bob Sima
and Rob Thorworth

As I wrote on this website when I was promoting Bob Sima and Rob Thorworth, if you don't like their music, then you don't really belong on the Bonnie Branch mailing list. Of course, if you don't like their music, you probably don't belong on any music mailing list! Both showed off their award-winning talent to a full house of adoring fans. And let me tell you, nobody went away disappointed. We were treated to over two hours of music and stories from these fabulous local boys.

During the show, Rob took some time to really compliment Bob on his stellar songwriting talent, pointing out Bob's special way of finding just the right phrase or lyrical hook. Not to be outdone, Bob, still red faced from the praise, pointed out Rob's exceptional talents not only as a singer and songwriter, but also as a magic-fingered guitarist. Rob can keep up with the best guitarists and can easily and smoothly follow along to most songs, even ones he's never really heard before.

Together, Bob Sima & Rob Thorworth's whole exceeds their individual parts.

Look for both these men together again at some future Concert on Bonnie Branch. I guarantee it.

In case you missed the show and want to find out more about Bob and Rob, here are their websites.

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    Rob plays some serious guitar

    Bob thinks something's funny

    A little artistic shot of Rob's hand

    Steve & Myra, hard core house concert goers

    Local musician Teporah together with Bob

    Adrian, another Baltimore musician, and Teporah

    Rob & Ryan

  • Rob & Bob put on a fantastic show...

    ... to a full and appreciative house

    Both guys have a great rapport with the audience

    Susie & Paul are both huge Indie music supporters

    Rachel and her mom Ilene

    Bonnie Branch newcomers, Bill & Leslie

    Jackie & Gerry are also having a great time

    "Oh, you want me to play along?"

    Jerry and Cindi, both Bonnie Branch regulars, talk to Rob after the show to get an autograph

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