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On Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Concerts on Bonnie Branch Presented

Cindy Alexander, with Ali Handal

From Los Angeles, California, Concerts on Bonnie Branch welcomed Cindy Alexander, featuring the instrumental and vocal talents of Ali Handal!

Cindy Alexander, Ryan, Ali Handal, Shel

Enjoy the photos below!

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The stage setting from the night's show Ali and Cindy get the show started Cindy singing with a strong voice Cindy singing with Ali playing guitar Cindy joins Ali on guitar Ali on guitar, Cindy on keyboard Closeup of Cindy on keyboard and singing Ali Handal on lead guitar Ali performs one of her own originals while Cindy takes a break Cindy answers a call to an audience member who didn't turn her phone off Ali jamming on guitar Ali singing and playing guitar on another of her originals Ali laughing at Cindy's surprised look Cindy looking on as someone takes a photo during the show Cindy and Ali both playing guitars and singing Cindy singing and playing guitar A shot of the room as Ali and Cindy play Ali playing after the show Cindy, Shel, Ali and Mary Dave and John toasting with glasses of Scotch

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