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On Saturday, October 20, 2012
Concerts on Bonnie Branch Presented

Sahffi and Her Band

Mosno, Shelly, Sahffi, Jason and Ryan
Mosno, Shelly Work, Sahffi, Jason Love and Ryan

Sahffi came to Bonnie Branch in October 2012 with a slight twist to her traditional band: sister Shelly Work was still harmonizing wonderfully, and goatFISH partner Mosno Al-Moseeki was on guitar, percussion and backing vocals, but this time cellist and Columbia Orchestra music director Jason Love was joining in for the show. Jason added such a beautiful and complimentary element to Sahffi's music, especially considering Sahffi is herself classically trained at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore.

Sahffi and Mosno opened the show with a short set performing as the duo goatFISH. This allowed Mosno to perform some of his Sudanese-influenced folk music, rich with eastern rhythms and colorful storytelling. He and Sahffi traded off a half-dozen songs and put the audience in a great mood for when Sahffi's full band came to the stage...

...And let me tell you, Sahffi and Her Band did not disappoint. When I booked Sahffi, it quite frankly was on the condition that she bring her sister Shelly with her to add the hypnotic depth of their voices harmonizing together. I love Sahffi's unique and far-ranging voice on its own, but add Shelly's vocals to the mix and the house just shook. Toss in Mosno on djembe and Jason on cello and the stage was set for one fantastic night of music. Sahffi performed many of her older songs and even added some new ones to the show that will be on her next album. Everyone had a great time!

Sahffi has released three full length albums: ...and I am not sorry, Turning Tides, and in 2012, Expectations. Currently, Sahffi and Jason Love are collaborating on Sahffi's upcoming fourth album, currently titled The Break. Jason will not only perform on the album but will also provide the orchestral arrangements.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and supported the musicians. I hope to see you at a future Concert on Bonnie Branch!

(And even a glitch by saboteur SL could not dampen the mood of the evening. I know who you are SL!)

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The Great Hall before the concert Setting up chairs Nick and Kelley Ryan and the sandwiches Jason Love warming up Jason Love, Shelly Work, Sahffi and Mosno Ryan adjusting the spotlights Jason, Shelly, Sahffi and Mosno Jason warming up Ryan introducing Sahffi and Mosno Sahffi and Ryan Mosno and Sahffi goatFISH is Mosno and Sahffi Mosno singing Mosno and Sahffi performing Jason, Shelly, Sahffi and Mosno Sahffi and Her Band Sahffi and Her Band Shelly and Sahffi Sahffi and Her Band Sahffi and Her Band in the Great Hall Shelly, Sahffi and Mosno Sahffi and Her Band Mosno Al-Moseeki, Shelly Work, Sahffi, Jason Love and Ryan

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