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Thanks Cindy Alexander and Ali Handal!
Cindy Alexander, Ryan, Ali Handal, Shel


Wow! This was a fantastic show!

That's it, that's all I think I really need to write.

Ok, so there is obviously more to tell. Of the years I've hosted music on Bonnie Branch, Cindy and Ali easily fall into the top five concerts. I will never be able to choose a "best concert" from the more than 40 I've hosted, but I can honestly say, Cindy is as close to the top as anyone after appearing on Bonnie Branch in April. The vocals, the songs, the stories, the humor, the support from Ali Handal, the vibe from the audience... all were spot on for the night. This is why I couldn't give up hosting house concerts.

Cindy and Ali were on an East Coast Home Invasion Tour in the Mid Atlantic. Shows in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. From comments and stories I read from their other shows, they were wonderfully and warmly received everywhere they went. No surprise to me.

A huge Thank You! to Cindy and Ali for brightening up what's been a dreary spring around here. They were warm and appreciative and a complete joy to have visit.


Of course, Thank You! to everyone who came out on a Wednesday evening for this show! You are all the best music fans ever! I heard from several of you that you like the mid-week shows. Thanks for the positive feedback.

I've put together a photo album of the evening.

To find out more about Cindy and Ali, visit their websites. They both promise to come back to the East Coast in the future.

Find Cindy at

Find Ali at

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Jen Chapin, June 2012

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